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Nanny Contract and Childcare Info Pack

Nanny Contract and Childcare Info Pack

Our Nanny Contract is an absolute must for anyone going to employ a nanny, mother's help, au pair etc. We also have a Childcare Information Pack which is crammed full of facts and figures. Order one today and let Simply Childcare hold your hand and guide you through everything you need to know about childcare.

NANNY CONTRACT PACKAGE: In response to many requests from parents needing help with drawing up an employment contract, we have done all the work for you! You get a sample contract plus a really useful 4 page guide to help you draw up your own tailor made contract and with information about what should be included and suggestions for alterations to cover different circumstances. All this for just £5.

CHILDCARE INFORMATION PACK: Our bumper information pack has fact sheets covering everything you need to know about childcare. It is especially useful for parents new to childcare and for parents wanting to keep their knowledge up to date. The pack currently costs £5 and is easy to read and includes:

  • The different kinds of childcare available
  • The costs of childcare
  • Tax and NI - net/gross pay table
  • Top tips when trying to arrange childcare
  • Sharing a nanny
  • Employing a nanny with her own child
  • Registered nannies
  • Au pairs and foreign nannies
  • Childcare qualifications
  • Police checks and CRB disclosures
  • Interviewing: advice and questions to ask
  • Reference checking
  • Standard hours of the childcare day
  • Holidays
  • Car driving and your childcarer
  • Food
  • After school care
  • Babysitting
  • Tips for a healthy working relationship
  • First aid courses
  • Writing a good advert: guidelines for parents
  • Writing a good advert: guidelines for childcarers
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