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Average Nanny Salary

Average Nanny Salary

Parents regularly ask us: what is the average salary for a nanny. Many things affect the rate of pay: where do the parents live? Is the job live-out or live-in? How many years experience has the nanny got? How many hours will she be working? Do you need a lot of flexibility? Does she have childcare qualifications? Is the job ‘sole charge’? Is the job working for one family or is it a nanny share? Will her duties include general housekeeping duties, not just nursery duties?

Taking the factors above into consideration, the average salary for a live out nanny in the London area and immediate surrounds is £9.50 to £10 net per hour with £10 net per hour becoming more common. This is £95 to £100 net per day for the average 10 hour nanny day. For a live-out nanny share the average salary in the London area is £11-£12 net per hour with 2 families sharing the nanny together on the same days and splitting the wage in whatever proportion is fair. Anything more than that is not usual and is likely to be because the share is complicated or with many children or the nanny is exceptional or the job is in one of the premium London areas.

The figures quoted here are NET as most nannies still nearly always talk in terms of net pay. Unless she is genuinely self-employed, the nanny’s tax and her National Insurance have to be added to the net figure PLUS the National Insurance the parent has to pay as an employer. So £470 net per week means a parent is going to have to find approx £676 gross per week to cover everything: the nanny's net wage, her tax and both sets of NI. And £500 net per week would be £726 approx gross. It makes the popularity of nanny shares understandable. If a live-out nanny works in a full time nanny share and gets £600 net per week, this would cost the parents approx £895 gross per week. So if the 2 families split this equally, then they would pay approx £448 each.

The net/gross figures quoted here are valid for the current tax year 2013/2014.

Do ring us if you have any queries about any of this or want to discuss anything else to do with childcare. We are here to help. Tel 020 7701 6111.

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