About Us

Simply Childcare was set up in 1994 by Carla Shimeld who heads up a team of dedicated staff who have wide ranging backgrounds, experience and first hand knowledge of juggling home, work and family. Carla began Simply Childcare through voluntary work for the National Childbirth Trust. She realized something was needed to help put local parents and childcarers in touch with each other. Using the skills acquired from many years in publishing and recruitment, Carla developed Simply Childcare, first of all as a listings magazine and now as a web service.

Simply Childcare is unique: not only do we have hundreds of adverts from both parents and childcarers, but we also offer a personal service if you need it. This has been fundamental in Simply Childcare’s development and expansion over the years. We positively encourage you to talk to us. At Simply Childcare the staff have the experience, expertise and empathy to discuss your needs, answer your questions and give advice and information about childcare. We are here to help you. You can email us using info@simplychildcare.com.

How it Works

Only subscribers can have an advert on the website and see the contact details of other advertisers.
A subscription is for 30 days (one month) or 60 days (two months). It costs £25 or £35 if you are a parent or £5 or £8 if you are a childcarer and the subscription includes an advert if you want one.

You can Register and pay for a subscription on the website.